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Sorry, image display issue This book is a minor revision of my Ph.D. thesis (written in French and defended November 14th 2006). I am grateful to the Éditions universitaires européennes for kindly proposing to publish this work. Abstract: «The design of Distributed Interactive Multimedia Applications (DIMA) on Internet opens new perspectives to work and to have fun in a collaborative way. However, network transmission delays introduce temporal ambiguities that my be perceived at the user interface. On the other hand, ambiguities due to unexpected message delivery is well-known under the name of consistency. A first contribution of this thesis is to enable the use of newly defined temporal properties (instantaneity, simultaneity and Delta legality) into the consistency problem, allow to take into account psycho-perceptive constraints. Relationship with well known scheduling properties are also provided. From these definitions, a new consistency model framework have been proposed, along with the perceptive consistency and related protocols. Results have been implemented in our Networked Musical Performance prototype (NMP), enabling a distributed metronome shared between remote musicians. This have been shown to be robust to high latencies introduced by remote communications. Public demonstrations and user experiments have also shown practical effectiveness, as well as limitations. Moreover, results have been transposed to distributed online gaming.» Get it at,, or
24 November 2010
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