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Sèmes. These small units of energy produced by our contacts. When heat and matter meet, movement unfolds and transforms its habitat, toward a series of reactions to its presence. A new reality is born, impresses the minds and redefines the limits of the imaginary. Finally, this encounter forges this reality, falsely real because constructed, but truly real since imagined.
The short film Sèmes extrapolates an improvised piece on classical guitar into a synthetic audiovisual universe. The musical harmony is modeled by a sphere with 12 vertices, whose density of chords determines its movements, like a crumpled paper ball. The units of sound energy feed a score of synthesizers inhabiting the surrounding space.

The film has been screened during the SAT Fest competition 2022 in the Satosphère. Following photo is by Isabella Astolfi.

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When In Real Life (IRL) musicking stopped being main stream, we created the Kaon'CPTs collective and moved to online 3D performance space with conducted live comprovisation through interactive scores. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic provided a unique context in which we would perhaps not even think about joining forces in a project unless there was an opportunity to be together physically. However, the pandemic has paralyzed many of us and shifted focus towards online activities. Suddenly, the Internet became the only way to express oneself and to interact with other people. Perripplayear, the first Kaon'CPTs comprovisation, is a result of this context and brought together individuals that may not have collaborated together otherwise. Ever.

We played many gigs in online art festivals, some of them are referenced here.

Here is a recording of the Perripplayear piece during the Perripplayear @ Audio Art Festival 2020 - online.

KaonCPTs comprovising Perripplayear (AAF 2020) from KaonCPT

Up-to-date [SAT] Metalab projects are listed in a secret blog here.


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