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The mobile augmented guitar is based on the mobile audioscape wireless platform. It allows traditional guitar playing combined with gesture-based continuous control of audio processing. To maximize performer mobility, all augmented functionality can be invoked through gestures made with the guitar and sensed by the attached Wii controller. In terms of musical dialogues, the augmented guitar provides some techniques for an individual performer that usually cannot be accomplished with a single instrument.

Usage of the augmented guitar.

An improvisation.

A Mobile Wireless Augmented Guitar. Bouillot, N.; Wozniewski, M.; Settel, Z.; and Cooperstock, J. R. 2008.
In 8th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME'08), Genoa, Italy, June. 4 pages
A Mobile Wireless Augmented Guitar [PDF] A Mobile Wireless Augmented Guitar [bib]
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